As promised folks, here’s the latest film reviews from my Throwback Thursday series! First up is Derailed, a dark thriller from Swedish director: Mikael Hafstrom and featuring rom-com darling: Jennifer Aniston. Next up is a charming “little” animation from Disney by the name of Chicken Little, directed by Mark Jindal and featuring the voice of Zach Braff. Hope that ye enjoy! 🀞😁


Who’d have thought
Watering cans
Water in hoses
Water the plants
Water in buckets
Water in taps
Water so powerful
We place it behind dams
We try to tame it
By surfing the waves
Bottle it
Freeze it
Extinguish the blaze
So powerful too
It can destroy
A source of life
Refreshing & cool
That we can enjoy
Water in a glass
Cleansing also
Washes away the sins
And the dirt
Baptised at mass
Be it adult or child
And emerge in rebirth
Swallowed by its vastness
Ferocious & wild
Entranced by it’s serenity
We sit on it’s edges
Mesmerised by its infinity
We are haunted by it’s depths
Lulled by its streams
Babbling & whispering to us
Nurturing our dreams
We dive into its oceans
Travel across the seas
Fills us with notions
And a yearning for peace
We hear it crashing gainst the cliffs
Observing its incessant barrage
The thirst for it
playing some tricks on our mind
in a desert mirage
Water in the clouds
Dressing up as rain
Water on the boil
Water down the drain Still water Distilled water
Clean water
Dirty water
Salty water
Irish water
Conserve your water
Pay for water
There isn’t enough water
They say.
Water calls
upon your head
Water slides
Water rides
Water tides
Flow in and out
Perpetually in motion
Reinforcing like grout
It sometimes rots
But never stops.

Blog Goals for the Week Ahead

Good morning, afternoon or goodnight folks, wherever ye are in the world. Hope ye are all keeping well and creative?! 😁❀️ Just wanted to update you all on a new feature I’ll be adding to my blog every Monday from now on. And that will be to inform you of my blog goals & posts for the week ahead.

This week, for example, will see me continuing with my weekly #ThrowbackThursday movie reviews which, this week, will feature critiques of Danish thriller: DERAILED and a small, excuse the pun, Disney Animation by the name of CHICKEN LITTLE. So please, all movie buffs out there, keep an eye out in for that! πŸ™

Aswell as this, I’m going to publish or venture to at least, a brand spanking new poem every Wednesday for ye’re reading pleasure! 😁 This has been inspired by me putting out a new poem on my blog for the past 2 Wednesdays in a row. More by coincidence than design I must admit but it’s motivated me to start making writing a new poem a goal each Week, not just a happy accident. The poem this week is titled: “WATER-IN CANS” I’ve yet to come up with a title or a tagline for this new feature so am open to suggestions & ideas from all ye wonderful poetry heads out there. 😁

The ultimate aim for me is to build up to publishing 5 blogs a week: a working week, if you will, of blogs with something different and fresh each day. So, keep your eyes peeled for any new changes and updates and be sure to tell your blogging/poetry /movie friends about me and my work. Thanks very much and take care of yourselves.

Thanks for the Views

Hey folks. How are you doing? Just came up in my WordPress timeline that I’ve just surpassed 5000 views of my blog! Over 2000 of that in the past 7 months alone. Wow!! I know it’s a huge amount in the great scheme of things and blogs out there but I’m humbled nonetheless and grateful that such an amount of kind souls would take the time to view and read my poems; thoughts and musings. So, thanks very much from the bottom of my heart. I really value and appreciate your support and encouragement as I will continue to support ye in return. Mind yourselves and take care.


Sole’s worn off these well travelled shoes Soul’s worn out from the blues.
From throdding up and down these streets. With this pram and tired ol’ feet.

Slapping and flapping off the pavement
To say I’m embarrassed would be an overstatement
Trying my best to conceal my exposed socks
The critical voice inside of me mocks

Could you not have picked another pair of shoes?
Amidst all the chaos and save this giant bruise
To my ego, as my socks become soaked
Because it’s raining as well to add to the joke.

Then the girls, who’d kept themselves entertained
With the babies & dolls, protected from the rain
Pipe up
“Daddy, can we please go to the shop?”
I check my pockets & realise I’ve forgot

My money again. Oh for fuck sake!
So absent minded, your heart I would break
How will I tell them? There’s going to be tears
Too late to turn back now as the ice cream sign nears.

Well, it’s time to draw this journey to a close
My soles are tired & I’m running out of prose
“Thank goodness”, says you. “Couldn’t take any more.”
My eyes are red with tears & my tummy is sore….”

” With the laughter from your tragi-comic travails”
There’s a moral to this story, a lesson that prevails.
As there’s so many bad things which can befall
You’re better off staying at home altogether And don’t come outside at all.

Leave Your Problems At the Door

Now, sweep it under the carpet
Leave your problems at the door
Just finish what you’ve started
Pick your face up off the floor
Come down from behind the parapet
You’ve built, see what life has in store
Wake up from your bed, you’ve slept
For far too long and ignored
Everything and one that once kept
You true, time for a little more
Happiness, I think you’ve wept
All the tears you can, lower
Those barriers, it’s time you leapt
Into the unknown.

Copyright of Ken Hume



Blazing sun
Scorching hot
For our climate
Cloudy with rain
And temperate
Is about as good
As we got
Sunscreen goes on
Clothes come off
Swimming pools
Fill up
As do the fridges
And we begin to plot
Our trips abroad
Or staycations
“Isn’t it grand weather?!”
Time for recreation
You can hear the clinking
of glasses and bottles
Merriment and laughter
Squeals of excitement
The splashes of water
In the garden out back
We fire up the BBQ
With charcoal or gas
Throw on the burgers & chicken
If only it would last
We try to prove
We can handle the heat
Don’t have the energy
To get up off our seat
But soon, we are wilting
Melting like an ice cream
Sweat drips down our face
So we admit defeat
And shuffle lazily
Back up the steps
Breathing out heavily
“I’m just not able”
And bury our head
In the fridge
Lift out a beer & a coke
The pop of the bottle cap
The explosive fizz of the can
The bark of the dogs
The whirring sound
of lawnmowers
Getting reacquainted
With the grass
Like a swarm of bees
All these sounds
Full of life and urgency
Sounds of a summer
Long promised
Now gloriously fulfilled
In this unnatural summer
With such unnatural heat
In this unnatural time
From an unnatural sun
Has sweated out this rhyme


Some friends will come
Some friends will go
Some friends will stay the same
Some friends will stump
Some friends will grow
With you, while others will change
For the worst
Some friends will hold
Fast in the to and fro
Of life. While others will run away.
At the first sign of trouble
When you need them the most
Because they can’t handle the rain
Where your real friends
Will come to the fore
And walk with you through the flood,
The fire and the snow
Without fear or second thoughts
Of getting wet or burnt or
Caught in an avalanche
Because they’re loyal;
Steadfast and true
Even when you’re struggling
Even when you’re blue
You know that they’re just
A phone call away
A text message or WhatsApp
Whatever you’re way
Of keeping in touch
You know they’re there
When it all gets too much
They’ll give you your space
Won’t pressure or push
Support your decisions
Be they bad or good
Pick you up when you fall
As good friends should
I’m lucky enough
To have friends such as these
Who’ve stood the test of time
Who I don’t need to please
They know who they are
They know where I’ve been
The ugly side of me
They have too often seen
And yet they still choose
Me as their old friend
And I guess they will be
Until the very end.


As promised folks, here’s the 2nd edition of my Throwback Thursday Movie Reviews from 25/01/2006 featuring critiques of Sam Mendes’ excellent anti-war film: JARHEAD starring Jake Gyllenhaal and BREAKFAST ON PLUTO, directed by Neil Jordan and featuring a much younger Cillian Murphy in a role that’s a far cry from his Peaky Blinders persona but engaging nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the trip back in time! 😁

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