Like a butterfly bursting out of its cocoon

Like a baby coming forth from its mother’s womb

Like a hedgehog resurfacing after its hibernation

A prisoner emerging from his incarceration

Battered but not beaten from this fight

Our very own darkness into light

Is our emergence from this lockdown

From home to work, back into town

Slowly, tentatively, taking our first steps

Into the unknown, away from our imposed duress

Into freedom or a freedom of sorts

“A new normal” now escorts

Us everywhere we go

For we are utterly changed & can never go


Hopeful yet hesitant

Refreshed yet ravenous

Pining yet prickly

Raring to go

Yet reluctant all the same

Desperate to spread our wings

Yet fearful we might fall again

So we open up our doors

And venture cagily outside

Taking one step at a time

Doing our best to override

Our socially distanced

Instincts now rooted inside

The virus is still hovering

It has not gone away

But there’s hope on the horizon

Thoughts of summer hold sway

With vaccines and low numbers

And a longing for change

It’s time to start planning

It’s time to arrange

For the future. 

Writing Update

Morning folks, hope you’re all doing okay?! Just wanted to update ye all on what I’ve been up to writing wise this last week.

The words “glare” & “sunlight” have been recurring in my head over the past few days so I put them down on paper yesterday and now it’s slowly beginning to evolve into a short story of sorts. It’s an unexpected yet welcome new direction for me as I’ve only ever wrote one short story previous to this called “Carpet of Snow”: https://kenhume79.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/carpet-of-snow-2/?preview=true

It normally takes me a while to come up with a title for new writing pieces but I’ve gone with “Remnants” as the title for this one, provisionally anyways. What do ye think? Well, I guess you’ll get a better sense once you actually start to read some of it. I hope to post up an excerpt from it this day next week once I’ve put some more meat on it’s bones so to speak.

On other news, I finished my piece on the Hillsborough disaster called “The 96”. For those of ye that read it, I hope that ye liked it?! For those of ye that didn’t yet get the chance, here’s the link: https://kenhume79.wordpress.com/2021/05/03/the-96/?preview=true

And finally, I’m also working on a new poem called “The Soul’s of my Shoes”. Keep an eye out for that one! Until I update you again or post a new blog, this is me signing out and wishing you a wonderful; happy; safe & creative weekend. Mind yourselves. 😁😁❤️❤️

The 96

Justice for the 96
Souls who perished
While we sat transfixed
In front of our TV sets

Witnessing events unfold
Between Liverpool and Nottingham
Anxiety & horror untold
In Sheffield’s Hillsborough Stadium

Coralled like cattle
T’ween fences & gates
1000’s of fans battle
Frantically for space

In the ensuing stampede
Trapped and pushed
With terrifying speed
Some trampled and crushed

To injury and death
96 to be precise
Their families left bereft
Having paid the ultimate price

For their enduring passion
For the red of Liverpool
But were shown no compassion
With a cover up so cruel

By papers; politics & police
Contriving and colluding
To keep the families who beseached
For the truth in proving

That the “drunk and ticket less”
fans (as they were labelled)
Were not to blame for the mess
Because of the lies & fables

Manufacturerd and spread
By a paper meant to be shedding light
Who cared not for their death
Nor their loved one’s ongoing fight

For justice for the ninety six
Uncles; fathers and sons
Aunts; daughters and mums
Leaving a void, never to be filled

Random Act of Kindness

I was on the way home from the playground earlier this evening with my 2 little girls: Ava & Grace, soon to be 3 & 4 years old respectively, when they both requested ice cream, as they do. 😛 No problem. It was a nice evening out. We’ll get an ice cream. 😁 So off we trotted into Mace, between the park and boys school/resource centre. A small tub of plain ice cream for Grace & a chocolate aka cornetto for Ava, only realising too late that I’d only enough money for 1 of them. I was mortified! Somebody was going to be upset. The question is who?

So I decided to get Grace her ice cream as she’d asked first. Cue the tears from Ava when realising she wasn’t getting on as I placed the cornetto back in the ice freezer trying to explain to her why I couldn’t get her one. My heart broke! But sure, what can you do?? I managed to coax her out of the shop where Grace kindly offered Ava some of her ice cream but there was no consoling Ava with her plaintiff cries!

That was until…. until the shop assistant who had served us came running out with cornetto in hand saying “this is on me”. I didn’t know what to say! “Are you sure”, I asked. Yes was the reply. I gave the cornetto to Ava who received it gratefully. The tears stopped flowing and a little smile slowly emerged on her face. 😁😁 All I could say was “thank you” and “say thank you to the lady” which she did and we made our way home happily & contendedly.

I was overwhelmed and humbled with gratitude at this beautiful and timely Act of Kindness. I don’t know why! Such a small scenario in the greater scheme of things. It should be an everyday thing but yet it still seems so rare. She didn’t have to do it and had no obligation to. But out of kindness; out of decency or simply the spur of the moment, she decided it was the right thing to do!

Irregardless of her motives and despite not knowing her name, she made 1 little girl very happy today and saved on a lot of tissues & consoling in the process. 😛😁 I’m deeply grateful, not only to her but to all the staff there who, everyday, always make a big deal with my girls by talking to them when they’re in the shop or not charging as much as they could or putting something extra on their ice cream. Little things, but sometimes, they can make all the difference to a little one. 😁

Five Years: Come and Gone

Five years have come and gone
In the twinkling of an eye.
Brought me to reflect upon
What brought us here and why

What bridges we’ve had to cross
Obstacles we’ve had to face
Fire’s we’ve had to put out
Steps we’ve had to retrace

Back to the place where we
First fell in love
Where I found someone who believed
In me
Who always went above

And beyond the call
Going the extra mile
Picking me up after I fall
Trying to make me smile

When I’ve fucked up again
Or was feeling a little blue
You’ve stood beside me in the rain
And helped carry me through

The darkest of times
When grief & anxiety
Were friends of mine
And I yearned for some gaiety

You’ve told me off & given out
Whenever the need arose
Taught me that love was about
More than romance & prose

But of commitment and of trust
Through bad times & the good
Staying true & not giving up
Embracing the bumps & the thuds

I’ll carry on writing all the same
As there’s nothing else I know
Prove my love is more than a game
That these words aren’t all for show

Not for comments; likes or clicks
Shares or well meaning praise
For popularity is just a fleeting trick
That teases; taunts and plays

With our egos, craving for attention
So hungry & fragile
This catwalk of pretension
Has never been my style

I desire our love to last
And stand the test of time
As I hope my words impact
Long after the initial rhyme

Our kids will be our legacy
As they look to us to guide
Them through the choppy seas
Aboard the shop of life.

We’ll take this journey together
For another 5 years and more
Navigating the changing weather
Till we reach life’s final shore

Written by Ken Hume


National Poetry Day

For the day that’s in it folks, I’ve written a new poem in celebration of Anne-Marie Stones and my self’s anniversary provisionally called “5 Years”. I’ll post it up later today. 😁 No Facebook live reading tonight as I haven’t had a chance to rehearse the poems and want to do them justice. Besides I want to enjoy the day for what it is and not put any unnecessary pressure or stress on myself. Happy National Poetry Day to you all! May it full of creativity; poetry and love! 😁❤️

Blown off Course

“It’s the type of wind that’d blow slates off roofs; hats off heads; carry trampoline’s over walls; knock trees down onto the road and cut off your electricity supply. It’s the type of gale that’d literally catch your breath: in-hale… ex…hale and drive you backwards with the sheer force of it’s will. It has the power to blow you sideways; knock you right off balance and lift you completely off your feet…. if you let it.

So, you steady yourself! Lift your hood up over your head; zip up your jacket; wrap your scarf tightly and snuggly around your neck & underneath your chin. Then you place your hands deep into your pockets; put your head down and begin pushing back, one slow yet steady step at a time. You’re determined not to be bullied or cowed; intimidated or blown off course by this fierce; unrelenting element of mother nature, howling and whistling in your face.”

Become original without noticing

Don’t over think it too much or try too hard to be different. Write your truth and trust your instincts.😁👍

The skeptic's kaddish

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.

C. S. Lewis (1898– 1963)

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Blog Updates

Hey folks, how are things?! It’s nearly a week since I last posted up something though it feels like longer with the regularity that I normally have been posting. Just to reassure you that I haven’t vanished and am still here working away on stuff in the background.

I’m currently working on a new poem called Weary Sole’s and yes, before you ask, that choice of words is deliberate as well as a piece called “The 96”, a tribute to the 96 poor souls who lost their lives so tragically in Hillsborough all of 32 years ago.

Am also am planning/hoping on doing a live reading of some of my poems on April 29th which happens to be both myself and my good wife’s 5th Wedding Anniversary & as it happens: National Poetry Day here in Ireland. The main focus will be on Easter Rising of my Heart, a piece I wrote specifically for and read out on our Wedding Day! 😁❤️ That will be on Facebook Live so looking forward to hearing from and seeing ye guys for that slot at 9pm BST. Hope I do the poems justice for ye. 🤞

Until then, mind yourselves! Keep reading & writing; keep singing; keep painting; making music and keep creating. Thanks so much for all ye’re encouragement; feedback and support. Love to you all! ❤️

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