Wordless conversations on a barstool seat
Between two men who’ve never met before
Sharing an unspoken bond in this fermented retreat

Wordless conversations on a canal-bank line
Between an ageing father and his son
Fishing for the perfect words, pulling on borrowed time

Wordless conversations on a crumpled marriage bed
Between a jaded husband and his wife
Mourning silently for a love that has long been dead

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  1. I really love this poem Ken. It reminds me of a William Trevor collection of stories. The choice of fermented is wonderful!

    Retweeted this.


    • Actually, I only “tweeted” it. ha ha.

      • Tweet; Retweet, who cares? Haha! You’re helping me get my poetry out there Kat and for that I’m deeply grateful. :-))

    • Thank you so much Kat, I’m delighted you love it! :-)) “Fermented” just made sense when I was writing it. I’ve never heard of William Trevor, so I must look him and his work up.

      • One of Ireland’s best writers. My mom loves his work and we have about 5 of his books here.

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