Aleesha Faye, you caught us a little by surprise
When you launched your premature escape
From your amniotic cocoon to coo’s and sigh’s
And entranced eyes, as your mother gaped
At the sight of you, exhausted and overjoyed
Whimpering; helpless and bare
Handed to your father, one of those celluloid
Moments. Timless. Precious. Rare.

Aleesha Faye, our lives will never be the same
Now that you’re here with us
Sleepless day’s; midnight feeds and nappy changes
But we think you’re worth the fuss
Because you give us so much joy by simply being
In the same room and breathing in
The same air, smiling; stretching and even seeing
With squinted eyes, makes life worth believing

Aleesha Faye, it’s nice to meet you, my niece
You maybe newborn to this world
But you’ve already stolen a little piece
Of my heart, when you curled
Into my arms, laying there happily asleep
Arm raised over your face
Shuffling and smiling in a dream so deep
A blue eyed bundle of grace

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