My Little Healer

My piece of salvation, my amazing grace
My niece and invitation to a better place
Aleesha Faye, you big blue eyes pierce
A massive hole right through me
Burning with insatiable curiosity

With one smile and gesture you placate
My mind, I feel compelled to reciprocate
My little healer and show stealer,
Whose generous doses of affection
Transports me to some happy reflection

You say so much without saying a word
Make circumstances seem less absurd
When you walk with big; faltering steps
Over to me and extend your busy arms
My emotional defences are stripped, disarmed

When I pick you up and hold you close
To my heart, you sit, devouring your toast
In my lap. You plant your fingers, encased
With strawberry jam, on my tired cheeks
Or around my neck, so affectionately I weep.

A little inside, where your laser eyes can’t see
Invisible droplets of gratitude for getting to be
Part of your earthly beginnings
And listen, fascinated, to you talk and squeel
In wonderous excitement and I start to feel

Alive. So, when it’s time to explore, to play
You beckon me on some more, as if to say
Come on, come join me on my adventure.
So you’re eager little hand reaches for mine
I grip it and we set out to see what we can find


2 thoughts on “My Little Healer

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  1. I really like this, Ken! I love the way the words wrap from line to line and your love for this child is so obvious in the way you paint her for the reader. I’m sure one day when she’s a bit older, she will treasure this wonderful tribute-poem very highly.


  2. Again Kat, thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comments and feedback on my poetry, it is so encouraging! I couldn’t hide my love & fascination with my niece, even if I tried. So, I might as well just right it all down. I hope she will be like; appreciate it and not be embarrassed by a guffawing uncle! Lol. 😛

    All the best,


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