Princess Sarah Lou or her alter-ego named Mab
Dwelling in the magical planet of Gattraz
A land that’s a million miles away from the drab
Painful monotony of life where the only tax

Is to enjoy yourself and fly over Cordell’s blue streams
On a broomstick of imagination with a vain cat call Dola
And Yewis, a little mouse with some very big dreams
Looking for the tree of life for her brother and to console a

Young lady in daily fight with the demon called M.E
An everyday superhero with a heart so pure
And a body as a light as a ‘Feather’, but as tough as teak
As you get near her, you begin to feel her allure

It feels like she’s come down on a spaceship
From another world, another time and place
But in her mind, she sails the seas on a pirate ship
While she lies curled in her bed, unable to face

Getting up today, so she watches ‘Superman’ on T.V
With her aching body broken; bent & doses up on Krytonite
Where she enters into a daydream to take a walk with me
(Even though I’m no Clark Kent) on a starry moonlit night.



Add yours

  1. This is a really fun piece and the way you have written it, it just races along at top speed. Even though I’m not much of a one for the comics and superheroes, you made me care and that’s quite something!


  2. Thank you very much Kat, I really appreciate your feedback! 🙂 So glad you like it! It was written about a girl that I’ve had the privilege of meeting on Facebook & getting to know over the past few weeks. I’m not much of a comic book fan either, though I’m partial towards certain superhero’s. This girl’s not too far from a real life one! It means a lot to me that it made you care!


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