M.E & ME

M.E & Me have become the ‘not’ so best of friends
M.E sends Me painful reminders that completely rends
Me body useless; crippled with pain, unable to fend
Off it’s relentless; insidious attacks that bend
My joints and emotions to breaking point and extends
The hours; days and weeks which I spend
In my bed crying, wishing that this alien invasion would end
So that my broken down; weary body could mend

M.E, oh be done with me; don’t define me
You won’t become me; but will refine me.


2 thoughts on “M.E & ME

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  1. Thank you very much abichica! It wasn’t really meant to be fun and sweet, maybe you meant this comment for ‘Superhero of Gattrax’?! This was more of a sad; reflective description of the ravages of M.E.

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