Trying To

Tried to change the world when I couldn’t change myself
Tried to save someone’s soul from the burning fires of hell
When I was losing my own everytime I tried to tell
Someone that they were lost, but You, well you were swell

Tried to wage a war with you against the devil and his cartel
Tried to put you before everything, but it’s left me just a shell
Of a person, with my shattered convictions put on the shelf
Because when I needed a friend, you and your huddle of disciples fell

So I tried to put my head down; persevere and answer the call
Tried so hard to soldier on; do my duty, whether great or small
However the pull of real life didn’t go away, nor the writing on the wall
That whilst singing with the faithful, I was faithless; fretful; about to fall

Now, I’m trying to make some sense of who I am without You
Trying to forgive myself; not to vent, while I figure out what to do
Because I’m tired; a little angry; fragile and melancholic too
Mission’s expired; am nearly empty,
Time to smile; take the tonic and discover my own truth


One thought on “Trying To

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  1. Excellent Ken, I really like this. There are so many who didn’t get the answers in life, and in their religion, in so many ways, And now that same religion, disjointed, diminished, dastardly devious in their avoidance, only served to widen the gap more. The pilgrim losing all faith and the detached hierarchy still trying to protect their tainted dwindling vulgar monstrocity and for all the christianity around, still more than half the world starves while these same people surround themselves with gold statues and live in their ivory towers, detached for ever I fear. Way past time they got down off their high horse. Well done on this production. So many will understand where you’re coming from.

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