T’is the season to be jolly
Is probably the anthisis of how you feel
Because all the tinsel; lights and holly
Won’t let you reveal
Your silent sadness that the dolly
Your daughter wanted, or the Christmas meal
Is the choice you’re faced with, oh the folly
And the struggle of this season is difficult to conceal

A Merry Christmas to you and a ho, ho, ho
Santa Claus is coming on his sleigh
Full of cut backs and hardships on the go, go, go
It might take a while, because it weighs
A tonne and makes you feel low, low, low
As you don’t know what you’ll say
To your kids who’ve rarely heard no, no, no
Bah humbug, it’s easy to think this way.

So, are you all set for Christmas,
Have you all your presents bought?
It’s tempting to get grrr… & dismiss
It all as a big commerical fraud
But, it’s hard to forget the pure bliss
On a child’s face when they’re caught
Tearing off the wrapping paper & the kiss
You get for buying what they sought

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