Sleeping Heart (Does It Still Beat?)

(Does It Still Beat?)

I’m looking at this girl walk by
Through the coffee shop window pane.
Oh, my heart stirs and I wonder why
I’ve been so long out of the game
Of love, that once made me try
Flush those feelings down the drain.
But it’s impossible to deny
Her beauty is greater than my pain
Do I go…

Fishing for just one more chance
In that still sea of tired romance
To see if my sleeping heart still beats,
Does my sleeping heart still beat?
Hoping that I can cross that line
Be more than a one day Valentine
And see if my sleeping heart still beats
Will it beat because of her?

The next day she stops walking
Smells the coffee and comes inside
I try hard, but I can’t stop gawking
At her, as she orders, then sits beside
Me and starts gently talking
To me, but my tongue gets tied
I feel that old fear is stalking
My mind and leaving me paralysed

Fishing for just one more chance….

Time for this caterpillar heart of mine
To crawl out of it’s cocoon
But I’m too scared of love’s sunshine
I’d rather it let me stew in
The comforting loneliness one more time
Easier than flying to the moon
Or Venus, if I could read the signs
On these butterfly wings, I assume
It’d be easier to let down a line
And go….

Fishing for just one more chance….


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Heart (Does It Still Beat?)

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  1. This is so beautiful Ken — the one line “I’m too scared of Love’s sunshine” really hit me, I know that feeling so well . . . just like the sun Love can burn us and dazzle us and nurture us. Thank you so much for expressing your feelings and thoughts here, you inspire me 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you so much Carey! I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂 I’m really glad that this piece spoke to you, especially “I’m too scared of love’s sunshine”. The sun does all the things that you said, and I’m delighted you got that! We’re scared we’ll get burnt by it, when it’s time for us to step out into it and let it nurture us and dazzle us. 🙂

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