364 Other Days

Valentine’s is but one day a year
When roses, chocolates and teddy bears rear
Their mocking, greedy heads and sneer
At the lovesick and the lonely who rightly fear

The stigma of the singleton on this day
When adults, adolescents and little ones all play
The commercial, dating rituals and say
I love you, don’t leave me and why don’t you stay

With me forever in Cupid’s maze?
But they forget about the 364 other day’s
There with the 364 other way’s
To show how much you care and raise

The level of your love and devotion
That’s not just about the roses and emotion
Or brought about by some magic potion
It takes hard work swimming through the ocean

Of committment with a lot of self-sacrifice
Patience; strength & consideration, to be concise
Not always about being nice
But by knowing when to step up and fight

For her or him
On the 364 other days
In the 364 other ways
And not just Valentine’s


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