Took the Plunge

I’ve prayed on bended knee beside my bed
To the one they say rose from the dead
Soaked in the scripture just like a sponge
Immersed in water, I took the plunge

Into the faith, that would alter my perception
Instigate a call to an immaculate conception
Of my own, giving birth to a different kind of me
That disowned the living, and dove into eternity

I’ve stood on street corners, knocked on doors
Sang songs of salvation and hoovered some floors
All for His glory and all in His name
I changed my story and was never the same

I can’t say that change did me much good
Or the people around me who misunderstood
My ‘honest’ intentions and ‘noble’ vocation
This new world seemed more like an alien nation

To them, with a foreign language all it’s own
Idealistic, I took the plunge and disowned
Everyone who was ever close to me
Everything that I had wanted to be

Sacrificed them on the altar of some holy ambition
As I became infused with a supernatural mission
But my youthful enthusiasm eventually wore thin
As I battled with this ‘weakness’ they called sin

Sin it wasn’t, just a desire for a normal kind of life
Where politics and pious talk were not so rife
For I was growing tired of getting nothing in return
And the fire inside of me, it no longer burned

Like it used to, nor would it ever burn again
Everything I had lived for now all seemed in vain
It was time to take a different kind of plunge
Into the next chapter of my life, time to feel the sun


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