Just One More


Just one more drink, say it ain’t so
Just one more drink before you’ve got to go
Back to wherever you’ve come from
And I stumble not so merrily all the way home

Just one more dance on the empty bar floor
Just one more dance before you walk out that door
As we sway to the tune of “this much is true”
I catch myself; hold my breath and I look at you

Just one more cigarette before I quit
Just one more cigarette that needs to be lit
While we talk one more time in the cold night embrace
My hand is caught one more time reaching for your face

Just one more kiss on those lonely lips
Just one more kiss before I watch those hips
Move side to side away from me
Stay and confide, don’t you play with me

Just one more drink; just one more kiss
Just one more dance, that would be bliss
Just one more cigarette, don’t want to miss
Any more moments before you disappear
Before I start asking around, “did you see her?”
A tiny drop falls to the ground of just one more tear.

But now, you’re just one more memory
Of someone that I’ve once seen
Just one more memory
Of something that could have been

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