YOU KNOW (Never Need to Apologize)

 You know, you never need to apologize for not always keepin’ in touch

As I know this crazy ol’ life can sometimes get a little much

For us to care about anything more than just one thing at a time

So, some things get left on the shelf by accident, not design


You know, you never need to apologize for not having something to say

As just having you beside me chases those nasty blues away

Your hand upon my shoulder communicates more than one word ever will

So my friend, you don’t need to say a thing, let’s sit here and be still


You know, you never need to apologize for getting things a little wrong

For, my friend, I know the list of my mistakes would extend long

Into the night of honest recollection. So no rush here to critisize, you see

As when my finger points in your direction,

there’s always 3 pointing back at me.


10 thoughts on “YOU KNOW (Never Need to Apologize)

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  1. I want to share this . . . from my “virtual friend” in Ireland whom I acquired through The Great Lady ‘J’, as in Judy Clement Wall 🙂 So thankful for Both of these Literary Artists!

    1. Share away Carey, spread the word! 😀 And thank you very much for your kind words. It’s an absolute pleasure to know you and have you as a friend. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Heather, delighted you love it! 🙂 There’s a lot of my pieces I’d love to set to music, it’s just finding the right person or people to put it together.

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