Hungry Waves



Early morning soujourners upon the sandy terrain,

Old men and their trusty dogs weave their footprints

Inside, the yawning murmors from pillowed plains

Beholden, their musty cogs leave them harder to convince


Hungry waves gobbling up the sand-starved shore

Relentlessly crashing against the beleagured beach

With an unerring consistency that seems to implore

You to unwind, kids dashing, and let the ocean teach


You a few things about the strange power of the sea

How such a force of nature, in it’s windswept torment

Can leave you so blissfully content just to be.

Becalming your troubled spirt and awaking the dormant


Parts deep inside that had forgotten they were alive

You find your groggy soul stirring into life, the sea air

Lifting away the ingrained cobwebs from the archive

Of your mind, it’s wheels now whirring, free, aware.



Copyright of Ken Hume



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