Pushing you away when I probably need you the most
Rushing this way and that, but still all my ghosts
From my youth keep showing up. I thought they had fled
The shadows they cast always flowing, they bled
Me dry then, haunting me relentlessly until I was fraught
And I cried, taunting me endlessly until I had lost

My courage and composure, temper was starting to fray
Thought I’d got closure, thought they’d gone away
But all my ghosts still follow me around, they’re there
In the morning, their presence surrounds, so I stare
Them straight in the face to let them know I’m not afraid
You’re not going to erase, you’re not going to raid

Any more of my friendships; future or peace of mind
I’ve sailed those ships and all I’ve come to find
Is more shipwrecks; driftwood and people lost at sea
Plenty of ghosts and pirates, no-one to help me
I’ll stay in the present thanks, no more time for the past
I’ve learned my lesson thanks, this time it’ll last
All my ghosts only have power when I don’t let them go
I’ve got a life that is tangible and a life that can grow


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