You say you love me, yet you keep me at arms length

Away, you shove me, but I don’t have the strength

You say, “This is enough. You deserve more than all this.”

I say, “This is too tough. I want more than a kiss

Once every week just to placate me

I was wondering did you actually hate me?


Hate me if you want, just don’t take me for granted

Do you rate me? Or am I only a tree that you planted

For some protection from all life’s storms and the rain

Check in for some affection every now and again

Maybe, we’re better off being good friends

As this situation we’re in, well it doesn’t lend


Itself to some ending that’s happy ever after

I try to refrain from being sappy about all the laughter

The nights spent dancing into the early hours

No fights, just romancing with meals and some flowers

Flowers have withered slowly from the neglect

Hours have slithered slowly by as I reflect


That it takes two to make something work or to not

My point of view isn’t the only thing, in case I forgot

How I could be nervous; needy, and self-analytical

I did you a disservice by being greedy and so critical

For your time and of it too, I did vent

When I should have been happy to have spent


Spent those 3 months with you


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