Alone; reserved; self-contained

Always standing on the outside;

Charming they say; but yet elusive

You’re unable to get close

You can see her; you can hear her

You can even touch her

but she’s not really there

She’s somewhere else, a world away

Somewhere just beyond your reach

There in body but not in spirit

Her mind and affections evading

Your curious; fascinated grasp

She stands there silently, not a word

You pour out your story so readily

Like a river burst through it’s damns

And you feel the better for it

Like a heavy weight has been lifted

Like you could talk to her all night

Happy; bubbling; hopefully upbeat

You turn around for a moment

To collect your drinks. Fatal mistake

For when you look back around

She’s gone. Disappeared.

Vanished into the bustling crowd;

Sucked into the cool night air

And you wonder to yourself, wistfully

Will you ever get to talk to her again.

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