You Gotta Keep

You gotta keep that fire a burnin’

Before those flames fade and die out

Gotta keep those wheels on turnin’

In the direction you’re talking about

Gotta keep your mind a learnin’

The things you need to ease the doubt


You gotta keep the heart a beatin’

Before your ears can no longer hear

You gotta quit your lyin’ n’ cheatin’

Before you lose the one thing you fear

You gotta fight to keep the heat in

Your bond, everytime you’re near her


You gotta keep that light a shinin’

Don’t let nobody turn off that switch

You gotta keep from all your whinin’

About how life has always been a bitch

Gotta keep looking for the silver linin’

In your clouds, thankful for every stitch


You gotta keep your spirit a goin’

When you feel like you can’t go on

You gotta keep your life a growin’

Settlin’ for what’s been, that’s wrong

You gotta keep the words a flowin’

Before all the inspiration’s gone.


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