Take me seriously or don’t take me at all

Take me seriously and give me a call

Sometime when you’re feeling a little down

Call into me on the other side of town


Take me seriously, not like some little kid

Take me seriously and heaven forbid

You give me some credit for all I have done

Forbid me my moment under the sun


Take me seriously when others won’t

Take me seriously at times when I don’t

Think I’ll ever amount to all that much

Don’t wait till it’s over and I’m outta touch


Take me seriously when I don’t have a plan

Take me seriously when I’ve gone and ran

Out of ideas, I need someone who’ll believe

Believe in me completely, a simple reprieve


Take me seriously and enough with the lies

Take me seriously, and give up the disguise

That you wear everytime that I’m around

This guy is not fooled, he’s nowhere to be found



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