Keith Touhey Address Spamming Allegations and Discuss his career in Photography

Ken Hume

As a published writer/poet & journalist, who has been writing; blogging & creating for the past 6 years, my motto has always been to paint pictures with words and put the reader in the mental; emotional or geographical place of what/where/who I’m writing about. For the artist; photographer and painter, the goal is similar but the way of carrying it out differs in the sense that “a picture paints a thousand words”, a saying I’m sure that we’re all very familiar with. Regularly used to describe the visual impact that a certain picture; photo or painting has on a person when they witness a particular image and the thoughts; feelings; memories and emotions that are stirred within them, pictures can have a powerful; lasting impression upon the viewer. One such photographer that evokes such thoughts and impressions is a certain Keith Touhey, a guy whom I’ve had the privilege of…

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