I Am

I am strange

I am familiar

I am change

Yet all to similar


I am recognised

I am unknown

I am exorcised

And error prone


I am failure

I am success

I am faithful

Yet faithless


I am talented

I am talentless

I am useful

And useless


I am weak

I am strong

I am right

Yet always wrong


I am human

I am divine

I am assuming

All the time


I am ignorant

I am aware

I am up for rent

Without a where


I am hot

I am cold

I am caught

In a hole


I am wordless

I am spoken

I am promises

Kept and broken


I am commitment

I am procrastination

I am no comment

Pure frustration


I am white

I am dirty

I am quite

A little flirty


I am guilty

I am innocent

I am filthy

To an extent


I am uncertainty

I am conviction

Open the curtain, see

A contradiction




I am lost

I am found

I am tossed

All around


I am free

I am enslaved

I am me

A little depraved


I am fragile

I am scared

I am agile

And multi-layered


I am cruel

I am kind

I am fuel

For the resigned


I am underwhelmed

I am overrated

I am on the mend

And saturated


I am victory

I am defeat

I am a story

That’s incomplete


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