The Night Owl & The Early Bird

The Night Owl & The Early Bird


The night owl and the early bird

Could never meet, it’s quite absurd

One pierces the darkness with yellow eyes

The other captures everyone by surprise

The early bird captures the worm

While light makes the night owl squirm

Whoo, whoo is this creature, up so early?

Chirping so enthusiastically, the owl nearly

Chimes in, until he soon remembers

That it’s only 6am on a December

Morning, an obscene & ungodly hour

Be he lacks the will or power

To resist her in her early morning song

Because this bird’s spell over her is strong

Though he still prefers to inhabit the night

I think this owl takes secret delight

In sitting on the tree branch to listen

To her tweet and watch her glisten

With a sparkling; otherworldly charm

Irresistible; contagious, a natural alarm

For the wise and unassuming owl

The perfect tonic for his solitary scowl


Written by Ken Hume



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