L-Plate Lover

Darling, I’m an L-Plate Lover

With a provisional license to rediscover

How to drive the car of romance

Re-start the engine before I get the chance

To get out of the car and run

Wouldn’t be the 1st time that I’ve done

That, so why don’t you hop in beside me

In the passenger seat so that you can guide me

Because you’ve a full license and have driven

This road before; been hurt; have forgiven

Teach me when to accelerate; when to slow down

When to hit the brakes and to look around

When to turn right; when to turn left

When to listen and what to say next

When to pull over to the side of the road

How to translate the rules and the code

Of the mysterious driver that is the female

Because it’s a driving test I don’t want to fail.


Written by Ken Hume




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