Butterfly Genesis

Dedicated to my “Butterfly Genesis “: Anne-Marie Stones xxx

“You’re my winged butterfly genesis
My aching heart’s nemesis 
Who brought me out from under this 
Cocoon into unimagined bliss

Antidote to my emotional novacaine 
You gave me a chance to start again 
Now, I’m just singing in the rain 
Like Gene Kelly, I’m entertained

By you and completely entranced 
With your beauty and elegance 
Heart & humour in perfect balance
Excuse me, may I have this dance? 

Strong and weak at the one time
It’s what makes you so sublime
Because I’m invited into mind
You, yet I always seem to find

Refuge from the storms of life 
Strength to rise above the strife 
When I’m lost in the dark of night 
In your arms, I find some light.”

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