Social Networking Soap Opera

Another “private” family matter
Played out in public
On Facebook’s cluttered wall
A social-networking soap opera
With more drama in a day
Than a week of Eastenders
One couple’s nasty break-up
Someone else’s attention seeking bender
It’s an hourly episode
24 hours a day
Where you can watch people’s lives implode
While they strive to play
Out their laptop characters
For the Hollyoaks generation
Facebook pokes; procreation
Beginning & ending of
On a small screen scale
Binning & rending of
Where friendships
Are for sale
A pretty pose
A silly face
Take off your clothes
Happy disgrace
All to find & compose
A profile pic
A clever status
That folk will click
Like on
Maybe share
Comment on
Or just stare
At all your photos
Breathing ground for stalkers
Feeding ground for mockers
Saying whatever they want
Without regard for font
Proper spelling or punctuation
Selling their PlayStation
And losing their souls
While confusing their roles
Between real life
And imaginary
Inventing strife
With defamatory
Statements & comments
It’s all too common
Collecting friends
Like stamps
Rejecting friends
To revamp
Your social circle
Slag off
Angela Merkle
21st century definition
Of being ‘cool’
You need a revision
Get off your stool
Or the high-horse
That is Facebook
More like erase-book
Because you’re erasing
Your old self
And embracing
Your no-self
From a big fish
In a small pond
You got your wish
Your identity absconds
You’re now a small fish
Swallowed up by
The internet sharks
The twitter set smarks
Is it everything you hoped for
Is it what you eloped for?

Written by Ken Hume

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