All about Saint Patrick


All about Saint Patrick

Across the green, the drummer’s drum
and as children cheer the engine’s hum
as floats row-in, they all have come,
to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

While flags they wave, a sea of green
beyond these eye’s, horizon’s screen,
uncovered corners, diaspora’s keen
to colour this charade.

Beyond what was, once simple lore
defined our culture and so much more
times knock upon a different door,
and I a riled-up renegade.

Now far away on different soil
my heart’s mistrust still on the boil,
you made me so, I learned to toil
for riches to be made.

And still it burns within my soul;
How keepers watched our empty goal,
Did nothing for us on the dole,
more cuts from sceptic’s blade.

Saint Patrick! Snakes’ still slither here
massaging figures over beer,
It’s time for change, I smell it near,
our dues are overpaid.

No more…

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