Drawn to the Flame



Like a moth drawn right into the flame

Mesmerised by the shimmering light

Its flapping wings get singed and burnt

They’ll do the same again if you let


Like a bird careering into a clear window pane

With a thud, surprised, shivering in fright

Because they couldn’t discern

Between the glass & open air just yet


Like an addict looking for release from the same

Paralyzed by the temporary respite

It gives, unable to control the yearn-

ing for the high of heroin & crystal meth


Like a little child whom you must restrain

And chastise for reaching their hand right

Into the fire, only way they’ll ever learn.

Only way that they’ll never forget


Like Icarus who could not contain

His ecstasy. Hypnotised by the height

He reached. He flew too close to the sun

Melting the wax. Plunging to his death


There’s a lesson for those of us who disdain

The words of the wise by setting out to ignite

Fires from which they cannot turn

Away, engulfing them with the embers of regret


Written by Ken Hume









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