All for Democracy (As Long As You Agree)

We’re all for democracy

All for equality

As long as you agree

As long as you see

Things the same way as me

I’ll mock you for your beliefs

Belittle you on FB

Bully you until you retreat

From your point of view

For it’s better to be politically

Correct than morally true.

These days.


Standing on the Outside

Standing on the outside

On the brink, on the ledge

Looking in on the cool kids

Desperately looking for an edge

That’ll make you stand out. Fit in.

Hand out. Waiting for someone to pull you in

To the inner circle

Embrace you as one of their own.

Instead of clearing hurdles

So that you won’t end up alone


But they keep you at arm’s length

With no intention of letting you in

Not realising the extent

Of their jibes and sniggering,

Behind your back, has on you

The reasons are many

The reasons are few


Because you’ve got 4 eyes

Instead of two

You’re too fat or too small

Too thin or too tall

You laugh too much to nervousness

You’re not funny enough or you dress

Differently to the rest


You’re awkward; quiet and your shy

You pick your words before you reply

Leaves you bothered with a riot inside

As your continued efforts to try

And fit in. Standing on the outside



You’re a square peg in a round hole

Knocking the corners off your soul

Just to fit in to someone else’s role

Can wear you down & take its tole


Because what makes you stand out

What makes you unique

You want folk to hang out with

Then hang onto your mystique


Hang on to your real yourself

Even though you desire

Recognition from kindred spirits

Don’t lose it in the fire

Of social acceptance. Critics

Will burn you every time


Keep standing on the outside

Even though it might hurt

Though it might be lonely

Take pride in your self-worth

Take pride in your difference

Give fools a wide berth

Make silence your preference

While you walk upon this earth


Because approval is so fickle

It doesn’t last long

If people like you, that’s great

Don’t be fooled by the throng

Needn’t be your claim to fame

It needn’t be your song


Written by and copyright to Ken Hume


A Thousand Words

I am a thousand words left unsaid

Swirling, tumbling about in my head

Fiercely curious yet full of dread

Quietly furious at how closely wed


I am to my own company

Married to the thoughts in me

How I want the world to be

Inked reactions to what I see


To some it might seem like a futile caper

Others yet, like I’m playing it safer

Still, I do my talking on a piece of paper

For it allows me to be braver


And say the things I could never say

In person. It holds more sway

Because it struggles to translate

The message I yearn to convey


A thousand words on vacation

Stranded at the railway station

Of over wrought observation

Of paralyzing concentration


A thousand dreams, not out of the blue

Lie there in waiting to come true

Breaking at the seams, poking at you

To unlock the door and bring them into view


A thousand words

A thousand thoughts

A thousand birds

A thousand moths

All longing for the light

All waiting to take flight


A thousand wishes.

A thousand desires

A thousand dreams

A thousand fires

All longing to be lit

All waiting for the right fit


Written & copyright of Ken Hume


I Will Carry You

I will carry you on my shoulders

Though it fills your mum with fright

I will carry you on my shoulders

Because it fills you with great delight

I will carry you on my shoulders

Till you reach those lofty heights


I will carry you in my arms

Though my arms grow weak

I will carry you in my arms

Cradle you while you weep

I will carry you in my arms

Rock you till you fall asleep


I will stoop down to pick you up

Though my back cries out in pain

I will stoop down to lift you up

When you’ve fallen down again

I will carry you when the going’s tough

Through the pouring rain


I have carried you from the start

Before your feet 1st touched the ground

I will carry you when it’s dark

Until a light we’ve found

I will carry you always in my heart

Even when you’re not around

Stay at Home Dad

“I’m out of work

Yet I go to work everyday

It might seem berserk

That I might want to stay

At home

And mind my child

Change her nappy

Help make her smile


No, I’m not confused

I’m a stay at home dad

It’s not a joke or a ruse

Nor a passing fad

It’s something that I choose

“Stay at home dad

You’re not much use”

Is what the demons

Whisper. Much to their amuse-

-ment. “You’re no good…”

Coffee Shop Interlopers

Coffee shop interlopers

Strangers to these surrounds

Intruders to the peace

Adorned with Irish scarves

Leprechaun hats mounted

On their heads

Painted shamrocks upon their face

Standing around

As though having a pint

They look confused

They look out of place

They don’t belong

I look amused

At this giddy throng

Invading this sacred space

Of the highly caffeinated

Just to have a taste

Or their curiosity sated

I doubt they’ll be back

It’s just a day out

The commitment they lack

Of the true coffee devotee

The lure of the stout

Will launch their retreat

To the familiar environs

Of the public house

For some fermented banter

And a bottle of beer.


I’ll just stay in my corner

With a takeaway cup

Write up a charmer

With my laptop

As is my way

And celebrate the holiday

In my own quiet way

Second Chance

My luck, I can scarce believe

When I first learned of her conception

It felt like a reprieve

A second chance at a connection

An opportunity to retrieve

A sense of purpose born out of affection

For my beloved wife who hath weaved

Her spell on me, erasing my fear of rejection

A possibility I might appease

The demons in my head and correct some

Ancient flaws inside of me

Some natural bent towards addiction

That has controlled and taunted

Me for years with its loathsome

Lust and carnal desires. Flee

From it I have tried. A contradiction

I have been. Full of archaic beliefs

And lack of conviction

Until I met thee.

My angel child & magical wife

Gifts from heaven

Who have given me the direction

And focus to change my ways

Tame my restless; indecisive mind

Channel it into one single purpose

Loving; nurturing and protecting

My family.

Without whom I’d be utterly & hopelessly


My every waking thought is now

Consumed by my love for them

Resolving to make their life




Thankful for the opportunity I have been given

To be a husband and father.

Driven on by past failures

This is the fulfilment of my dreams.

Redemption of my soul

The healing salve for my heart


Written by Ken Hume



A Not So Jolly Christmas

“T’is the season to be jolly”

Is a world away from how you feel

Because all the lights and holly

Tend to conceal

A silent heartbreak that the dolly

Your daughter wanted, the X-Box

Your son craved. You’ll have to forego

In favour of the Christmas meal

This is the choice you’re faced with

Oh, the shame & the folly

Behind the scenes, the struggle

And the pressure, makes it difficult

For you to feel that it’s a…

A Merry Christmas to you and a ho, ho, ho

Santa Claus is coming on his sleigh

With Rudolph & the reindeers in tow, tow, tow

Carrying sacks full of overdrafts; hardships

And presents on the go, go, go

It might take a while, because it weighs

A tonne and makes you feel low, low, low

As you don’t know what you’ll say

To your kids who’ve rarely heard no, no, no

Bah humbug, it’s easy to think this way.

So, are you all set for Christmas,

Have you all your presents bought?

Are all the flickering lights hooked up?

Have you even thought

About what the season really means?

How much the whole thing costs?

It’s tempting to get cynical & dismiss

It all as a big commercial fraud

A superficial charade of mis-

tletoe; singing santas and tinsel.

It’s easy to get lost

But, it’s hard to forget the pure bliss

On a child’s face when they’re caught

Tearing off the wrapping paper & the kiss

You get for buying what they sought

Or the look of pure wonderment

And sheer surprise

When they, in their merriment

See that Santa has arrived

Or that it’s not the money that you spent

That makes your kids derive

So much pleasure and excitement

Oh faithless father

Oh, faithless father

What has become

Of your beliefs once so strong

And the hymns that you sung


You kneeled at the altar

Prayed not to succumb

To the taunts & the prongs

Of the devil’s trident, my son


Suffocated by ‘holy’ restraint

And ancient biblical laws

You thought you were a saint

Deserving of applause


That’s the picture you liked to paint

When trying to defend your cause

All this talk of pious restraint

Only served to cover up the flaws


As you struggled & faltered

Collapsed, come undone

Under the weight of the wrongs

Under the heat of the Son


Prayers turned cold & hollow

As you lost your fire

The silence, you couldn’t swallow

So you sank into the mire


Of the type of addiction

You’d always sworn against

Graphicly ugly predilection

That left me cold and immense


-ly lonely, looking for affection

In all the wrong places

You couldn’t handle the rejection

Tried to cover your traces


Tried to mask the disease

Pretend you had it under control

Tell yourself you weren’t a sleaze

That you were just a tortured soul


Written by & copyright of Ken Hume



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